Power Vinyasa Yoga

An access point to self inquiry, self discovery and personal growth. 

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power yoga class

Link breath and movement in this energetic yoga flow class. Build strength, flexibility, presence and mental clarity. Class will begin with sun salutations, warrior series, balancing postures, back bends followed by hip openers, longer hold stretches, deep rest and savasana.

“I started taking yoga classes with Jen nearly 2 years ago. Jen is a very supportive instructor and always willing to provide modifications to poses for all levels. She always encourages the class to find what works for their body that day and to continue focusing on breathing.”
— Laura
“Jen is an enthusiastic and energizing instructor who offers modifications throughout her classes to suit beginners and advanced students alike. She brings something unique to each class and is always happy to accommodate requests. I look forward to every class!”
— Anne-Sophie

My Why

Community was the biggest thing I felt lacking in my adult life, and the connections I have formed through yoga are some of my most cherished relationships. When I'm having an especially hard day, I often find myself on my mat, not prepared, just a deep knowing that it's exactly where I need to be (and I always leave feeling better than I came). 

My intention is to hold space for you to experience community through power yoga classes, where you will build a deeper connection to yourself and others.


  • mint chocolate

  • my cats

  • live music

  • green juice

  • my yoga community!


Awaken new possibility, create your best life

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Yoga is a journey to the self, through the self
— bhagavad gita